war horse

I went to see the movie War Horse with my family. It is unquestionably a tremendous animal interest story and from that perspective it left all of us feeling pretty good about the way things turned out for Joey the horse. The contextual milieu, however, which was the tragic saga of trench warfare on the Western Front in the Great War, could scarcely have been a more depressing reminder of one of civilization’s darkest hours.  On the Western Front alone, millions of young men were killed, mowed down in the prime of their life.  You read that right:  millions.  In my estimation, it is beyond the imaginative capacity of the average person to comprehend those kinds of numbers, particularly when it’s understood that every single one of them represents an individual human being and all that attends to that condition–family, friends, loved ones and so forth.  Truly incomprehensible.  Sad in the extreme. I really did enjoy the movie, but as I watched it I could not help but ponder the larger tragedy that was playing in the background.  How little the world really learned during those awful years from 1914-1918.dsc002321.jpg